Indian Wine List transforms to Hipcask!

A few years ago, after a lot of wine (of course),  Shiladitya and I decided that we both wanted to make an app. We had to make an app about something we were passionate about and which would also have some relevance in India. After a lot of research (read drinking wine),  we realised how scattered this space was. There was no one platform where one could read about all Indian wines, read content which was produced regularly and get to know about what was going on in this space.

Indian Wine List was our answer to compile information about all Indian wines, along with content which was catered specially to an Indian wine drinker. India consumes 1/5th of the alcohol in the world. For most states, liquor taxes account for a major chunk of the revenue, and still there has not been much innovation in this space.

These are interesting times for wines in India. Quality of domestic wines has improved a lot over the last two years. Some wineries which producing below par wines shut, some merged and some new players entered the market.

This was the time to improve on the app and make a big leap forward. With Hipcask, we not only have Indian wines, but all wines available in Maharashtra, along with curated beers and whiskies. The app does a lot more as well, suggests wines on the basis of dishes and even suggests the right beverage when you are eating out!

This is just the start of Hipcask, we already have a lot more features in the pipeline. Basically, anything about wines, spirits and beers, we will have you covered.

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