I am not sitting in office again

Yes, the center picture is VSCOcam while the other two are Instagram
Yes, the center picture is VSCOcam while the other two are Instagram

Okay I might just sit in office again. But for most of the time, I will be standing and working.
I am new to offices. Since I was 18, photography was my life which meant standing most of the times. The only time you would end up sitting would be during edits and whatever might be the case, the majority of the day would never be spent sitting down.
Once Hipcask got an office, things changed. For the first time I was going to an office, and in offices people sit and work. So I did the same and it did not feel so good. Not only was I occasionally straining my neck and back, sitting all day in a chair also makes me feel a little stuck.
Long story short, I went to the first carpenter I could find and got a simple standing table made. It is literally a taller stool with a shelf, where external drives, coffee cups, headphones and even the phone can be kept. Standing and working just feels so much better. Not only physically¬†but mentally I feel more alert. I can even more around more when pumped up kicks is playing, I don’t crave a double shot expresso after lunch!
The only downside is that standing 6-8 hours a day can be exhausting, so I do end up sitting for like 1-2 hours a day in office still. For which I am replacing my chair with a stability ball, but thats another post.
This first cut of the standing table or whatever you would like to call it cost me Rs. 1800, plus I will spend another Rs. 1000 on polishing it or painting it Hipcask maroon. Also making some design tweaks for the second version which shall be ready in a few weeks.

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  1. Hey Aneesh,
    Came across your blog via your hiring tweet, and happen to read this post. A truly novel ecom twist I’m seeing in a long time :)

    I started working in standing position for last year or so and all this while I too used jugadu methods. Not finding any affordable solutions here, finally I came up with a design of my own: movable, height-adjustible, rotatable desktop, customisable to your needs.

    (Video : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9V9ohIHiRchQk5GWEVQY0pteW8/view)
    I’ve also made a public slack group (standesking.slack.com) with detailed positive/negative comments from my own use. I can email you an invite if you don’t consider it spam & want to chat with me there. Slack doesn’t work without invite.

    Or look at this series of tweet-pics to get an idea: https://twitter.com/kazisuhail/status/559781208134270976

    I thought this would be a 1-pc contraption for myself, but it has turned out well-enough that I’m sure others would be interested in it too. Haven’t decided pricing yet, but say would you be interested in buying this at ~5-5.5K price?

    It can be customised to your liking – logo, polish, a slot for a miniature wine bottle maybe? :) whole 9 yards.

    Interested? Thoughts, queries, further clarifications – hit me up with anything you want to know.

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